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If you were recently charged with a DUI and it's your first offense, we can probably get it reduced depending on the county the alleged crime was committed in.
If it's your 2nd or 3rd+ DUI ticket, it gets much trickier. You need the best DUI defense lawyer money can buy you, or you're going to jail.
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When a person has been charged with a DWI and is in need of a drunk driving defense in Texas, the life-changing consequences that follow a DUI arrest will have you searching for the most experienced and competent DUI Defense Lawyer in Houston.

DUI or driving under the influence is a criminal offense, which attracts criminal liabilities. Often people are not aware of the procedures regarding the hire of an Texas DUI lawyer. Online services provide a vast pool of resources regarding lawyers with extensive experience in DUI litigation, who have a reputation for going to trial in appropriate cases, rather than just “pleading out” their clients cases.

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Houston DWI Charges / Houston DUI Ticket

Houston DUI Lawyer Cost

A first offense DUI is as cheap as it gets regardless of your defense attorney. Most courts are fairly lenient, but not all. It’s impossible to estimate your DUI lawyer cost when we don’t know the County the offense was committed in. Also, not knowing who the judge will be makes a difference too.

In medium size to smaller towns expect to pay around a $5000.00 retainer + $500.00 to file the necessary paperwork with the court. But that just gets you going. There will be additional costs for fines, reinstatement fees, court costs etc. The national average total cost in the U.S. for DUI hovers around 10 grand.

If you think that’s a lot, look at the costs of NOT having a lawyer. You’ll spend a small fortune on Taxi’s, increased insurance rates, double the amount of fines, possible confiscation of your car, and potentially loss of your job due to a lengthy stay in jail.

In bigger cities these costs will probably increase slightly because of supply and demand. The best DUI lawyer in Houston will likely get the criminal charge reduced, thereby saving your license, driving privileges, insurance rates, job, and money.

Houston DWI Charges / Houston DUI Ticket

This can be a devastating criminal charge. Some will be tempted to throw themselves upon the mercy of the court rather than pay the hefty DUI attorney fees and fines. But the judge can also confiscate your car after he takes your license. Think it through with a buddy or relative who has been through this before. DWI charges don’t go away, and that DUI ticket has got to come off your record! Hire legal council!

We provide information on DUI lawyer fees and payment policies, which may refer to suitable flat fees or hourly rates. Calling the toll free number provided on this website can also help a person obtain information from a Houston DUI lawyer.

A Winning Reputation In DUI Litigation

Exploring websites and going through the yellow pages will help a person learn the best way to find a DUI lawyer with good reputation. Asking other local attorneys in the jurisdiction of your court can be an effective way to find a DUI Attorney with a high win rate.

Another means of finding a Texas DUI lawyer that operates within Harris County, is by word of mouth. People can ask their friends, relatives and co-workers if they know a lawyer who is familiar with DUI law or criminal law, and has a good reputation for their winning cases.

The services of a certified lawyer referral service may also be employed. This requires the person to call a local Texas state bar-certified lawyer referral service. These types of services refer probable clients to the correct DWI lawyers in the 77006 area.

After interviewing the person, the referral service staff will match the client with a lawyer who is experienced in the appropriate area of the law. Usually there’s an initial consultation with a lawyer to evaluate your case and charges.

There is no single best way to find an efficient DWI lawyer in Texas. A person requiring legal assistance in a DUI / DWI charge may need to employ an appropriate mix of all the possible options available.

Finding A Good DUI Lawyer In Houston

Nobody goes out on a Friday or Saturday night expecting to get a DUI on their way home from the bar or party they were just at. The truth is that it happens way more than most of us expect and quite often people are left in a desperate attempt to find a good drunk driving lawyer in the following days.

Make sure you read and familiar with the law regarding DWI. You can take a look at the DUI laws in Texas. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to represent yourself, and not knowing the laws of the state the offense was committed in.

If you really want to make this go away, the next priority should be looking for DUI lawyers that specialize in this type of criminal offense. Be prepared to pay a premium for this service. Search for “Houston DUI lawyers” or “Houston DUI defense lawyers”. Houston drunk driving lawyers should be at the top of the list, and surrounding cities listed beneath those.

After this, you should choose at least 2-3 of these lawyers (if possible) to do some research. Make sure these lawyers work in the area of practice with DUI’s. Look around to see if you can find people talking about them on social media sites or even related forums, you would be surprised at how much information that you can find this way. I also recommend calling these law firms and asking if they have anybody who can vouch for testimonials or success stories, after all you are putting your driving privileges in their hands.

The final thing that you should be careful about is law firms that offer a free consultation. This can be a sign that the law firm’s business is slow or their win rate is low. If you want to win your case and clear your name be prepared to spend up to a thousand dollars on top DUI lawyer for a consultation regarding a DUI ticket.

A good DUI Lawyer will usually know what he can get it reduced to, or let you know what they can do for you, if anything. After reading this, you should hopefully see how important it is to hire the right drunk driving lawyer to handle your unique situation surrounding the DWI charges you suffered in 77006.

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